Best Cheap Kayak Accessories: Find the Best Kayak Gear

White Water KayakKayak accessories make every kayak adventure fun and entertaining. They simply give an added boost to your boat, in terms of navigation, control and safety. If you are looking to improve your kayak experience, then it is advisable to invest on reliable accessories for your boat.

There are a lot of kayak accessories to choose from. To fully enjoy your kayak adventure, you will need a few essential accessories to make your expedition more fun. Here are some of them:


Best Kayak Paddles

Kayak Paddles are an essential kayak accessory. When choosing a paddle it is important to take into consideration the paddle weight.  Just remember that when it comes to weight the lighter the weight, the easier it is to paddle. The best paddles will offer a well-adjusted combination of light weight and strength. It is also important to understand the characteristics of the material in a paddle. There are many different types available. Wood, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Plastic, and Aluminum are your available options. The paddle we have choose take into consideration all of these factors and we believe it is the Best Cheap Kayak Paddle on the market.

Kayak PaddleShoreline Marine Kayak Paddle Rounded Blade

  • Drip guards to help keep you dry
  • Three position system allows you to customize the paddle to fit your style.
  • Disasemble into two pieces to make transportation a breeze.
  • Foam grips for comfort
  • The contour of the blade propels you threw the water with ease.

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Best Kayak Cart

Getting your kayak to the water can be a pain, but it can be made easy when you use a cart. This will help prevent your boat from getting damaged from dragging or crossing it on rough surfaces. By using a cart, you will be able to get to anywhere you want with your kayak and have fun without worrying about any damages. The cart can be strapped around in the middle of the kayak and go to the shore by pulling it.


  • Capacity : 150-Pound 12 Ft long tie-down strap. Solid Metal frame; foam bumpers on each arm to protect your Canoe / Kayak hull
  • Large(9-1/2″D) pneumatic tires (3-1/2″ wide) roll smoothly across sand and gravel. Stainless steel fasteners and chrome lynch pin. Quick assembly
  • Material : Aluminum pipe (20 x2mm) anodized Stainless steel. Works great as a kayak or canoe dolly. Dolly breaks down for easy storage or transport
  • Part of the support stand features a 9-1/4″H spring-loaded stand which keeps the dolly cart propped up onshore for quick loading out of water
  • Large 9-1/2″ diameter inflatable tires provide stable support on uneven terrain which is especially useful in sandy areas

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Best Kayak Trailer

Kayaking is a fun way to bond with family and friends. But keep in mind that only a few kayaks can fit into a vehicle, making the fun limited to few. If you are kayaking with a lot of people, it is ideal to have a trailer. This enables you to transport more kayaks with one vehicle. The trailer can be connected to your vehicle and you are good to go.

Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer for Kayaks

  • Kayak TrailerTransports 4 kayaks up to 18′ long (355lb capacity)
  • Galvanized steel frame with 60″ aluminum cross rails
  • 54″ galvanized axle with sealed hubs & wheels (maintenance free)
  • Easily assembles in 2-3 hours with award winning instructions
  • 12″ galvanized slotted wheels with chrome acorn nuts

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Best Kayak Rack

Kayaks are very delicate. This is why it is important to have them transported safe and secure. To get your kayaks transported without any damages, one has to have a rack. This type of accessory is built to carry kayaks of all shapes and sizes on top of the car. Kayak racks are installed on the car. They hold the kayaks strong enough without making any contact to the vehicle.

Malone Auto Racks Universal Car Roof Rack

  • Kayak Roof RackUniversal crossbar that fits nearly all factory-installed vehicle side rails
  • Transports kayaks, canoes, snowboards, surfboards, roof boxes, and more
  • Square profile bars provide a secure, tight fit for rack accessories
  • Rust-resistant rubberized bar coating stands up to years of rugged use
  • Key-locking attachment towers; supports up to 132 pounds

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Best Kayak Seat

It is difficult to brace, make sweep turns or make rolls if you don’t have a comfortable kayak seat. To get a solid support, you need a seat that supports your movements as you whip through the waters. There are many types of kayak seats available in the market today, but make sure to get the one that really makes you comfortable whenever you make your movements.

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back

  • Kayak SeatUV-resistant nylon pack cloth construction for durability
  • 4-way adjustable mounting straps provide ample adjustment
  • Reinforced stays add additional back support
  • Brass swivel buckles for attachment
  • Reflective logos provide good visibility in low-light conditions

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Best Kayak Carrier

When you have minimal rooftop space to transport your kayak, you can get a kayak carrier for a safe and reliable transportation. This accessory can help you carry a couple of boats and to create more space on top of your car while carrying a kayak. The kayak is loaded from the rear of the vehicle. Then, the front of the kayak should be lifted up to the vehicle and then pushed forward to make transportation with the carrier effective.

TMS KAYAK-RK-J Universal Roof J Rack – Car Top Carrier for Kayaks

  • Kayak CarrierSteel design with adjustable padding for carrying strength and kayak protection
  • Wide mouth J bar offers easier loading and unloading
  • Quick on/off hardware ensures fast installation and removal
  • Optimally sized J style carrier leaves roof space
  • Accommodates kayaks up to 36″ wide and 75lbs,Will fit most factory or aftermarket round, square, oval and flat crossbars

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Best Kayak Hoist

A kayak hoist is an accessory that enables users to lift and store their boat in a garage. It helps save more storage space, keeps the kayak inside out of the weather, much safer from theft, and makes it easier to lift on and off the car. The hoist also works well if the vehicle with the kayak needs to be parked in the garage. The primary benefit of using a kayak hoist is that it gives ease when getting your kayak on and off the car.

Kayak Hoist

 Lift Hoist Kayak by RAD Sportz

  • Hooks are designed with a rubber coating to protect from scratches
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Robust engineering allows you to lift heavy products–100lb. capacity
  • For Ceilings up to 12ft.
  • Safe locking mechanism prevents accidental release
  • Life Time Warranty through RAD Sportz

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Other Accessories that may Come in Handy

There are other kayak accessories that kayak lovers should always have. If you are fond of kayaking, you need to have air pumps, paddles, and dry bags.